Title: Wimarn Sai
Also known as: Sand Castle, วิมานทราย
Duration: 10 Episodes
Genre: Drama, Romance
Broadcast network: Channel 5

Panin Nirapai, young engineer and oldest son of a well known real estate company, went to the site in Rayong province and was on his way back. During the way, he came across with two robbers trying to break the window and get into his car. Panin chased the robbers down the beach and broke into a fight with them. They accidentally ruin a sand castle made by Arissara Chunhakorn, a beautiful painter. Arrissara was angry with them at first but when she found out what was going on, she tried to help Panin who was attacked and passed out. When Panin woke up again and they had a chance to talk, Arissara misunderstood that Panin was merely a local foreman. Panin was impressed by her generosity and attitude. When both came back to Bangkok, one day when Arissara was waiting for a bus at the bus stop, she was bothered by some bully but Panin came across and helped her in time. Panin offered to drive her home and Arissara accidentally forgot her hand phone in his car of of haste. Both planned to see each other again the next day, Panin was very happy to see her. Alas, unfortunate stuck as Panin found out only on that day that Arissara was a woman who his brother, Pinyo Nirapai, also. As for Arissara, she was very angry with him as she felt that he lied to her when she found out that Panin was not only a foreman but a son of Puchong Nirapai, a famous and rich real-estate company owner and the older brother of Pinyo, her close friend, too.

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Subtitles: English HardSub
File Size: 500 – 600Mb
File Type: Avi
, Joiner,Encoder, Uploader: Lena ,Mariana
Credits: Thanks to StarsSubbingTeam for their hard work subbing this lakorn


This drama is completely uploaded.



  1. Thanks Lena and Jasmin for this lakorn. I definitely watch this becoz of Chakrit. Love him....he's so amazing. He's my new obsession besides Aum, Ken and Tik. Hopefully...I can see his sizzling chemistry with Bee just like his wonderful teamwork with AumP in Khuu Khane Saen Ruk.

  2. Pity on me! I just realised that I can't download this series. Available for staff and top posters only.... just like wanida. I really hope Jasmin and her team could let me download this lakorn someday.

  3. a big applause for lakorns world team for all of your guys make my dream come true to enjoy all great lakorns..thanks so much..

  4. I am so sad. I can't download this drama. I guess I have to comment a lot more so I can get the privilage to download this lakorn.

  5. i love all bee namthip dramas..she was so beautiful & very good at acting..i was really hope lakorn world team can upload more dramas which have bee namthip in them..hope my dream come true..:D

  6. This one really good drama... i watch it before,

  7. i really love this series.... have seen it on national tv here.. good chemistry... great story... just love this couple..hopefully that i can download it someday :)thank u so much

  8. thank u so much guys for this lakorn I liked alot

  9. How I can't download to Wimarn Sai. I am so sad still download please.

  10. the password doesn't work on this. it goes to some lxts site or something through but then it doesn't accept the password. i thought this was reuploaded. i really want to download this one cause my internet at home sucks and i can't watch streaming videos, please fix, I am a huge fan of this lakorn.

    1. There is a different password for HQ lakorns. Please read faq for more instructions.

  11. thank uuu sooo much :) cs