Hey everyone, I've been working on a couple of very different posts (one on historical lakorns genre), but I thought it was best to get this out here first, as we are getting asked this A LOT!

We at Jasmin's Lakorn Blog just want to reaffirm that we support and appreciate the subbers, including MUSE fansub, Neko, Thippy, Subbers Paradise, Ninjaknn, and many other subbers past and present who have subbed lakorns. We love you all and thank you for all your hard work and effort over the years,we know what time and dedication you have to have to sub just one lakorn, let alone more then one!

However, lately, there has been an infection of trolls who pretend to be the legitimate subbers, taking donations as them, hosting their (original subbers) videos to earn money, getting rid of any identifying marks on videos and pretending they subbed them. These trolls have also spread rumors and gossip and caused members of groups to distrust each other and others.
These trolls have caused lakorns to stop being subbed, some subbers have dropped subbing projects because of them, other subbers have started putting passwords on their videos, making their subbed videos harder to access all in attempts to halt or stop these trolls. These trolls have reported videos and generally made some subbers afraid to release their work and made them more cautious. 
We at Jasmin's Lakorn Blog have experienced some of that as well. So we want to be clear that Jasmin's Lakorn Blog is a NO TROLL Zone! We will delete any comments sowing dissent about us or others. We don't mind constructive criticism, but we draw the line at anyone who trolls to cause trouble. 

                                    Where would we be without all these subbed lakons?

It's hard to know how to handle the trolls, but we choose to deal with it with the truth. Yes, trolls have tried to cause trouble, but Jasmin's Lakorn Blog is still here and so is JL Subbing. We still support those who are subbing lakorns as we always have! We love kitkat, her hard work over the years, Muse who's subbed so many things and helped us sub lakorns, Neko, who always sub such great projects and lots of underappreciated lakorns, Thippy, who's stuck around for years subbing lakorns and let us release her videos on our blog, Subbers' Paradise, who's helped us come up with new techniques, Ninjaknn, our beloved Weir fan, Anonyblue2001, Chobling, Wishboniko, Anothaidara, Kimberley subs, LakornLuv, Rainbow Subbing, ingfakirata, TheCurvey, and so many more who haven't subbed in a while, but we love you guys! And we hope for better, brighter days ahead!

Jasmin's Lakorn Blog team



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