Title:Lhong Ngao Jun
Also known as: Under the Spell of the Moon
Duration:18 Episodes
Genre: Drama Romance

Broadcast network: Channel 7

Kob as Pim, the second wife's child and daddy's girl. Pim's mother died whe she was child so her father with his parents's agreement took her inside his family's house whereas his first wive and their daughter also lived there. Pim's stepmom and stepsister always ill-treated her and took her as a maid. The stepsister always jealous of their father's love to her so she went to the disco and had a boyfriend using Pim's name until she dumped him and he died because of an accident of drunk-driving. 

Ae (Stephan) was the friend of the death boyfriend of Pim's stepsister however because his friend wrote that his girlfriend name was Pim and working as a nurse so he wanted to take revenge on her for causing his friend's death. Ae was trying to look for her in the hospitals (Pim was a nurse) and found her and stalked her with hatred everyday. Ae got engaged with Pim's stepsister because their mothers were friends, he scheme to revenge her by making Pim being hated with her family. He kissed her but instead said that she kissed him until she was ignored by her beloved dad. Ae got into accident and paralyzed the whole body, pim's stepsister as his fiance refused to take care of him and very seldom saw him but Pim took good care of him and accompanied him through his therapy until he fell in love for her gradually. Ae realized that Pim was not a bad person who could easily hurt people's feeling so he confirmed with his death friend's parents that actually pim's stepsister who was caused his friend's dead. 

However Pim couldn't easily accept his love because he was her sister's fiance even though he pursued her but he kept coming to the hospital and pursuing her not giving up with his friend's encouragement. In the end finally she accepted him and they ended up together when the step sister and stepmom also realized their mistakes. 

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  16. waa I found it!! thank you so much!! I wanted to watch this lakorn a lot !!! saludos desde Bolivia :)