TitleRak Ork Akard
Also known as: Love on Air

Duration: 14 Episodes

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama
Broadcast network: Channel 3 


Jaokhun is a hi-so society man who has a friend/enemy Matt. Matt is very competitive and always loses in everything. On Jaokhun's birthday, Matt embarrasses Jaokhun leading to a fight where they car chase. On the way Jaokhun crashes into the food stand, where Jai (Cherry) was sitting at and sparks their first meet. They get in a huge argument. Few days later, Matt overhears King and Jaokhun's friend talking about a show where thet need Jaokhun as the main cast and Matt tricks Jaokhun into agreeing to be in the show. 

The show is where a hi-so person has to live and be filmed live in the country side for a month. Matt tries to make his life miserable and there he meets Jai again, the tea plantation's daughter. Jaokhun is staying with a person who is friends of his producer friend who kind of makes his life horrible also. Some events occur and Jaokhun has to pretend he is the nephew called Khoontong. There his adventures begin and he gradually falls for Jai even though he has a gf name Amy back home, who is only after his money.  (Source:

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Subtitles: English Hardsubbed
File Size: 300-400 MB
File Type: Mp4
Credits: Thanks to OMakapansub  for her hard work subbing this lakorn!
Joiner, Encoder, Uploader:  Sylvina

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