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Title: Sen Tai Salai Sode
Also known as: เส้นตาย สลายโสด/A Deadline to End Being Single/The Deadline
Duration: 20 Episodes
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Broadcast network: Channel 7

It sounds like the rehash version of William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” where the main girl must marry first before her younger sister can. It’s a romantic comedy. The same concept goes for Noon Woranuch and Vee Veeraphap’s upcoming lakorn “Sentai…Salai Soht (A deadline….to end being single)” for Ch7. Noon is playing a woman by the name of “Fah”, she has a younger sister who wants to get marry, but the main rule in their family is that Fah (being the eldest sister) must marry first before her younger sister can. 

Fah also has a pestering mother who badly wants her to get marry. Her mother even resorts to trickrey in order to do so, she lies to Fah that she dying and begged Fah to find a husband within 2 months. For the sake of her ‘ailing’ mother, Fah uses her talent as the head of the creative department in her company to find a husband. You can guess that Vee is playing the guy that Noon must snatch up to marry. Credit: Lyn's Lakorn Blog (Source:

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Credits: Thanks to KudaLakorn for her hard work subbing this!



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