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  • Title: Pleng Ruk Kaam Pob
  • Also known as: เพลงรักข้ามภพ
  • Duration: 22 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Musical
  • Popularity:
  • Air time: Fri-Sat-Sun @ 8:30PM
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: Feb. 22, 2009 - Apr. 12, 2009
  • Theme song: See "Pleng Ruk Kaam Pob" Soundtrack

Production Credits

  • Producer:
  • Director: Wachara Sungsuwan
  • Screenwriter: Woraphan Rawee
  • Company Name: Dida



Nokyoong is the only daughter of Nuan a former dancer for a famous Looktoong singer who has passed away. Nuan then decides to get remarried. Once her daughter failed to get into the school of choice Nuan decides to send Nokyoong to live with her former music group. Instructor Tin the leader of the group accepts Nokyoong as a singer in the group and takes her to compete in many shows on tv. Maprang, who is Instructor Tin’s daughter bullies Nokyoong until one day Nokyoong is sad and runs off to the back of the house. She sings a song to express her sadness underneath a Plumeria tree that is about to die and suddenly there is a miracle. The Plumeria tree start to have beautiful flowers bloom once again. On top of that she meets a young man who comes out and talk to her and encourage her before dissapearing into the Plumeria tree. Once Nokyoong places the Plumeria flower behind her ears it is stuck there and the ghost of the guy, “Narm Tarng” is stuck talking to her and on top of that is a ghost who lost his memory and cannot find his way home. It is the day of the competition and Nokyoong is tricked into a bathroom and locked in there, but luckily “Narm Tarng” helps her out of the bathroom is Nokyoong is able to make it and win everyone’s heart over with her song. Paytai accepts Nokyoong into his record label as a singer and she must practice to compete against a super hot singer with Narm Tarng as her help. Nokyoong repays Narm Tarng back by researching his background and finding out that he is a rich owner the “Green” hotel. Narm Tarng’s memory resurface and he remembers Nong Tam his younger sister who is paralyzed due to a car accident. Narm Tarng asks Nokyoong to take him to Mootha’s house a young hi-so woman and the woman in his heart. Coincidentally Paythai is Mootha’s friend The competition has come around for the third time, but there is an incident. Nong Tam has been kidnapped by Mak. Nokyoong goes looking for her with the help of Mai who is Narm Tarng’s best friend that secretly loves Nong Tam. The two helps Nong Tam and Narm Tarng is thankful to her and secretly kisse’s her on the forehead while she is past out. Nokyoong finds out that the person who killed Narm Tarng is Motha and Mak who was secretly dating and killed Narm Tarng in hopes of taking over his hotel chain so they divised a plan to kill Narm Tarng and his sister Nong Tam. Narm Tarng doesn’t believe her causing Nokyoong to be upset. Nong Tam finds out about the Plumeria tree and goes to find it, but Motha and Mak follows her and attempts to hurt her, but Nokyoong goes to help her in time causing the two to be arrested. Narm Tarng uses all of his strength to give Nokyoong the strength to compete in the final round. Nokyoong sings the song with the love that she has for the man in the Plumeria tree and wins beautifully. But Narm Tarng dissapears and the Plumeria tree dies. Nokyoong is very sad and is unable to sing anymore for many months. After that there is a person who has come to buy Instructor Tin’s house and that person is Nong Tam who is able to walk now and has thrown a party inviting Nokyoong to sing. At that moment there is that one man from the Plumeria tree. Nokyoong heart sinks in reality the man in the tree wasn’t Narm Tarng’s Ghost, but was his spirit that was unable to return to it’s body after getting into an accident. Mai had taken his body to recover and be cured by a professional doctor. Mai knew that there was someone who had bad intentions towards Narm Tarng so he kept it a secret.
credits to: thaiallstars



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