I had a whole written recap planned, but decided to scratch it at the last moment and instead make this a recap of pictures. So it's more picture intensive than usual. The reason why is this episode really just sets the stage for the latter episodes, and though I appreciate that it's necessary, a lot of it seems likes what we've seen before, except hiked up to a whole new level of angst.

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Episode 7 starts with Toon and Lan thinking about calling each other (she's at her mom's, he's at their home), but neither does.

Eh? Who is this woman and what is she doing at Toon and Lan's place in the morning, Ting and Dad must be thinking. Nid's happy to fill in the details to Ting and Dad when they come over to visit/console Toon. Uh oh, Toon's going get an earful from Dad about this.

Weet takes the depressed Lan out to cheer her up, first shopping, then to a nice restaurant, and then he serenades her with a song. Sounds like a date, right? Not to oblivious Lan, who asks Weet if there's a girl he likes.

Two thieves (of the husband stealing variety), Nid and Racha come to bring Toon dinner, which was prearranged at least on Racha's part by Toon's sister Ting. Then along comes Nid and it's a cat fight!!!! MEOW! Which ends with a broken wedding picture. Toon walks in and is not pleased.

Weet, seeing Lan's still upset, takes her home, urging her to go back to her hubby. And for all of three seconds it seems to be working, with Toon and Lan seeing each other and Toon holding her hand outside the house. Then comes trouble in the form of Racha and NId and SLAP!!! Lan slaps Toon's cheek and she takes off.

In one of the best moments of the episode, Lan's acting all crazy in the car, hitting and pinching her hand until Weet has to pull over to stop her. (And I'm like, ugh, this is ridic., I'm outta if she's gone nutters) . . . until she explains she can't believe she hit Toon and how upset he must be at her.

That night, Toon's sitting in the dark, staring at the broken wedding picture until his Dad and sister Ting come to talk to him. He explains who Racha and Nid are, and says he can't understand why Lan doesn't understand him.

Dad says Toon talks about his wife understanding him, but does he try to understand he? Here are these people coming and going in his house, sleeping over and he wants his wife to understand? Put like that, it does sound pretty bad. Dad leaves and Ting comforts him, saying she'll not let Racha and Nid in again.

Meanwhile, Lan huddles under blankets as both she and Toon think about each other.

Toon's so distracted at work that his coworker Nawat notices and manages to get Toon to talk about what's bothering him. He suggests Toon buy Lan flowers, so after much persuasion, Toon goes with the flowers over to Lan's workplace, only to find her cavorting, yes, cavorting around and laughing and stuff with Weet. He dumps the flowers in the trash and goes home.

At home, Toon's greeted by unwelcome visitor number three or four? Finally, he repudiates Racha completely, telling her he loves Lan, he never wrote her a diary or promised her anything and to get the hell of his life. (Well, that last part is what I added, not Toon.)
Toon's sister Ting ushers Racha out and talks to him, finding out he did see Lan today, but he caught her smiling at another man.

He tells her its the first time since their wedding he saw her smile like that. He concludes that Lan should be happy with someone who can make her smile. Ting shakes her head at her stupid brother and leaves Toon alone and brooding.

~End episode 7~
Other story lines, characters:

The romance between Nid and Nawat is blossoming, while Da has her hands full as her cheatin' spouse tries to smooth things over with her and meets the handsome doctor who's also a neighbor, whom she also works for, and who comes to pick her up each morning.
Da's new man? Yes, just get rid of the cheater!



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