365 Days of Love Episode 14 recap 

"Before I never felt relieved,
I was alone and lonely, I had no one beside me.
I go through life encountering every danger,
I go through rain and wind alone."
"But today I get to associate with you,
Being with you gives my heart strength.
We will continue to walk and refuse to stop.
If I walk and make a mistake, I'll still have you."
(From song "Row Mee Row" from 365 ost)

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Episode 14 – So the plan starts. Win gets his boss Nop to agree to renovate the office, and Thy goes to tell Lan, who says she can separate her personal life from her professional life. Sure, Lan. They arrive at Toon's office and he's surprised to see them, to see Lan in particular. Since Toon's working, they come back to his office later, but he doesn't seem to be in an agreeable mood. Next, one of my favorite scenes from this lakorn, when Toon steals a kiss from Lan as she tries to do her job.

Weet busts in, unfortunately, and tells Lan they should celebrate. As Lan goes out, he tells Toon that he realizes he and Lan have some bonds between them, referring to the kiss he saw, and adds that maybe he needs to make some bonds with Lan. The result of this is an insanely jealous Toon, who calls everywhere trying to find if Lan is really out with Weet celebrating. He finally finds Lan at her office and despite her protests, escorts her back to her Mom's place.

Weet makes sure to be at Toon's house when he comes back from escorting Lan home. He rubs Toon's obvious jealousy in his face, and asks him if he ever told Lan how he felt? He tells Toon that he doesn't have to be jealous, and leaves Toon pondering his words.
Racha pops in on Lan, giving her the diary. Lan tells her she doesn't care about the past anymore and tries to give it back, but Racha rejects it. She tells Lan she's off to America to find a man and leaves. Lan drops the diary in the trash, unread.

Nid springs a surprise on Wat, taking him to lunch with her father. Ouch. Apparently, great minds think alike, because Toon takes his father to talk to Lan. They go out for tea, and Lan listens to Toon's father, but tells him basically she doesn't want to have to be reasonable about this.

I think what she means is that Toon should know how Lan feels and what she wants, which is to be told he loves her and wants to stay married to her. If she has to tell Toon that, it wouldn't help matters because he still isn't understanding her or even making the attempt to. The effort would still be on Lan's side and she doesn't want that. I got to agree with that.
Lan gives her father-in-law a proper goodbye, thanking him for all his advice and starts to leave, only to be stopped by Toon's “Is it so easy, Lan?” To get a divorce, he means, but Lan tells him it's not hard and leaves. Toon does a lot of thinking and calls Lan. He wants her to meet for the divorce tomorrow.

Shocked, Lan goes upstairs to fulfill her destiny. When her mom and sister Da see her with the scissors, they assume she wants to commit suicide, but Lan reassures them, telling them she just wants to cut her hair. I guess the idea is that she should become the person she was in the future time, but Lan should have remembered that the future changed for her.
Mom and Lan hug, with Lan talking about how she loves Toon. But because she become so suspicious, she destroyed Toon's life. She tells her mom she was right about it ending in divorce, saying she can't stay with someone she doesn't know loves her. And yet, living without him? Lan tells her she wishes she weren't in love anymore. Both Lan and Toon spend the night in contemplation, with Toon looking at the divorce papers and the exchange diary Lan made.
"We used to go through life alone,
We used to be discouraged and exhausted to the utmost,
The path is still so far  away from today,
Just as long as we have each other.
If we were to walk whichever way, we wouldn't be afraid."
(From song "Row Mee Row" from 365 ost)

D-DAY – It's the 365th day and divorce time. Lan tells her mom she can accept it and she's certain it's what she wants, reaffirming the same thing in the district office. However, Toon has something he wants to say as well, and gets out the exchange diary and reads to Lan the entry he made. He tells her he finds it hard to write about his feelings and goes on to talk about the times he was happy and jealous. He tells her he loves her and he doesn't want the divorce.

Hurray!!!! Pop out the soda! Hallelujah!
Lan says she's never imagined being at anyone else's side. And that she loves him. They hug. The end.
Well, almost. The next morning, Lan wakes beside Toon, savoring their togetherness. There's unfinished business however. And so she and Toon pay a visit to the fortuneteller's house with the time-traveling book. Lan tells Toon to wait for her.
She returns the book to the fortune teller, and they have a talk. The present determines the future, so which is more important, the future or the present? Lan realizes that they have to live in the present time, and worrying about the future all the time is the best way to wreck that future.

The lakorn ends showing a montage of the day-to-day life of Lan and Toon, where they still write their feelings in the diary, Toon proclaims his love for Lan on a daily basis and they spend more time together, but try not to make others' problems their own. I liked that both Toon and Lan compromised to come to a better together. At the end, Toon and Lan are going off on their long awaited honeymoon, and Toon wants a baby! And, it's happy ever after.
"We'll hold hands and walk with our enduring hearts,
If one of us falls down, we will hand the other up,
We'll undergo every danger
Put one's arm around the other and not be afraid of danger."
(From song "Row Mee Row" from 365 ost)
The lyrics used throughout this is from the beautiful song in this lakorn, "Row Mee Row," sung by Ann Thitma and translated by anonymousblue2001 at youtube who also subbed the whole lakorn, Thank you!

A solid lakorn, with good directing and great acting by Ann and Ken. Here's hoping for more lakorns from them both! And together please? Pretty please? Bye and hope you enjoyed these recaps!



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