First of all, Happy New Year everyone! Last year, we had a number of posts looking back at the year 2015 in lakorns. The first post dealt with 2015 subbed lakorns and recommendations. The second post reflected on lakorn news and trends. Then we had a post on the polls we did (including a poll on best real kisses ^-^). Our last end of the year post looked forward to 2017 and what lakorns we might see this year.
Mike D'Angelo in My Little Princess
This year, we'll have similar content, but this post will focus mainly on lakorn trends and news (mainly about subbing lakorns or the lack thereof) and what we're doing on this site.

Lakorn News 2016
Pong Nawat in Revive.
- Pong Nawat. Mike D'Angelo. What do these two actors have in common outside of being Thai male actors, since Pong is a respected and well known Thai actor, while Mike might have international recognition as the star of Full House Thai and Kiss Me Thai, but has nowhere near Pong's acting resume?

Answer: Chinese dramas. Both Pong and Mike starred in Chinese dramas in 2016 and Mike has several lined up in the future, probably thanks in part to the success of his 2016 Chinese drama, My Little Princess (trailer).

- Even more interesting is a Korean actor Jung Il Woo starring in a Thai lakorn, this is the first time a Korean actor has starred in a lakorn. I think both these trends speaks volumes to the growing popularity of lakorns overseas and hopefully will eventually lead to more lakorns being subbed.
Game Payabaht
- Last, but not least, the death of Thailand's King Bhumibol on October 13, 2016 resulted in a monthlong ban on regular programming, and even now, some lakorns are still on hiatus like Game Payabaht.

Lakorn Trends 2016
- One trend in lakornland in 2016 was the increasing amount of youth or teen lakorns. We saw a number of series about high school or university students and love, such as the U-Prince Series, Secret Love Series and others.

- Which leads me to the next trend in lakorns in 2016 (and 2017 too, I suspect). Series, more and more series, haha. I've talked about series before here and here, so no need to go on.

Subbing and Site News
- Well, it wasn't unexpected really, considering what happened in 2015, but viki has now pretty much closed up shop for business for subbing lakorns. Most channels are simply inaccessible and if they are, contain features that lock various subbing tools. So, it's not really worth the effort to look for lakorns at viki now. There are a few odd ones remaining, but I'm not aware of any subbing going on at viki anymore.
Talay Fai
- I don't know what keyhui is doing either. SherriJames and Dynastykat, subbers of various lakorns seem to have quit subbing are back again on facebook. And Thippy had lakorns taken down at dailymotion, but has made a second account. Fortunately, neko has continued her work (thank you neko!!!), along with other subbers like anonyblue2001, and other new fansubbers have stepped forward such as Rainbow Subbing. Some Thai cable channels have continued to provide subs for lakorns such as U-Prince series as well.

- As for JL Subbing, the subbing team of this blog? We wish to continue subbing lakorns next year, but the speed at which we can do this will depend greatly on our subbers and members. Subbing is very time consuming, one episode could take anywhere from 3 to 6+ or more hours of work if you include timing/segmenting, subbing, encoding, editing, uploading etc. all together!

JL Projects in 2017
We conducted several recent polls November and December, asking blog viewers to vote on which lakorn they would like to see subbed the most.

Phet Tud Phet won with 171 votes, followed by Pee Roon Pram Ruk with 77 votes, Rak Fun Thalob with 73, Phu Khong Yod Rak with 68 votes, Nang Sao Thong Sro with 55, and lastly Dang Ni Dap w/Focus at 21 votes.
Phet Tud Phet
Which Lakorn would you like to see subbed the most? (Pick up to 3)
Nang Sao Thong Sro - w/Por, Ja
  55 (22%)
Rak Fun Thalob romcom w/ Vill
  73 (29%)
Phu Khong Yod Rak - romcom w/ Margie, Ter
  68 (27%)
Dang Ni Dap romcom? w/Focus
  21 (8%)
Pee Roon Pram Ruk rom drama w/Bomb, Ice
  77 (31%)
Phet Tud Phet - action w/ Weir, Kwan
  171 (70%)

Votes so far: 244

Ngao Asoke 2016

Which Lakorn would you like to see subbed the most? (Pick one)
Phet Tud Phet - action w/ Weir, Kwan
  118 (33%)
Look Mai Klai Ton - drama w/Om and Min
  40 (11%)
Ruen Roi Rak - period w/Toomtam and Bee
  8 (2%)
Nakee - fantasy w/Taew and Ken
  30 (8%)
Ngao Asoke 2016 - period w/Ester and Sean
  153 (43%)

Votes so far: 349 

What plans does JL Subbing Team have for 2017?

This year we completed several projects, Hong, Dung Sawan Sarb, Jaopayu, and Jam Luey Gammathep. We've finished or almost finished everything we talked about here except for Wan Nee Tee Ror Khoi, so I'm pretty pleased, plus we helped segment a number of other lakorns. Many thanks to all our subbers and segmenters, encoders, uploaders and those who volunteered their time and money! Thank you!!!!  😀😁

Jam Luey Gammathep - We've finished. Working on final editing and encoding. We hope to release this in full this month.
Jatt Ruk - Segged and subbed up to ep 7. Eight more episodes left to seg and sub.
Jao Wayhu - 7 episodes subbed by subbersparadise. We're helping with segmenting and segged up to ep 8.
Pleng Ruk Kham Pope - This was on viki, I think we're still trying to sub it offline.
Rang Tawan - We're up to ep 8. Our subber doesn't have a lot of time, so progress will be slow on this. We will try to complete all projects we've started.

NEW PROJECTS  (links go to trailers)
Spinsters vs Casanovas Kuan Kaan Tong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai -  trying to do last 7 episode starting with ep 8.

Wan Nee Tee Ror Khoi (9 episodes left - on hold.) We need to find a subber for this lakorn.

Ban Sai Thong (2000) - we are trying to help finish this one as well. We've already started segmenting and subbing the remaining parts.

~Tentative~ Ngao Asoke 2016 - this is being subbed, however there doesn't seem to be much progress, so we'll see if there is any progress and if we have a subber willing to sub it before officially announcing it.

Other lakorns we're thinking of subbing: 
Phet Tud Phet or Pee Roon Pram Ruk, Buang Hong

As for this site, we are working on another site, but have had troubles financially making it a reality.

For now, I plan to continue to write for this blog and add more reviews, recaps and upcoming lakorn information, but updates may be more infrequent as I'm pretty busy right now.

We have had a wonderful year subbing lakorn with our wonderful team and of course we couldn't have done this without the support of many lakorn fans, so thank you all!!!!



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