2015 had a lot of bad news in lakornland for English fans especially. Many lakorns were removed from viki and channels deleted.

Many lakorn channels also clamped down on people uploading their videos to youtube (that's why you'll see subbed videos with bad audio and cropped pictures there). So it was impossible to sub a lot of lakorns on viki and you also had trouble uploading them to youtube as well. A double whammy.

The first lakorn to be deleted from viki -Suea.
Fortunately, we've had some good news as well. Some subbers, in particular Thippy, Sherri, kwarmmeud, Kimberly's fan group, and nekomeowmeow (Thank you all!!!) stepped in to fill the gaps by subbing multiple projects. We started a subbing group, JL Subbing Group, and Keyhui started as well.

Let's remember to thank all those wonderful people and more, the people behind the scenes who've worked to upload, or segment, or edit, etc. the projects. Click below for more news.
Lakorns News 2015
Ab Ruk Online
- In March 2015, Viki deleted a whole mess of channels, mainly Channel 3 such as Ab Ruk Online, Cubic, Lom Son Ruk and so on. (Read more here!)

- But either Viki thought better of it, or the companies did, because restrictions seemed to have eased somewhat because we do have a few new lakorns that are from Channel 3 being subbed on viki. Not going to name them though. It's hard to tell exactly what happened and why, but there are various theories I can't really confirm or deny so I'm not going to go into that.

- Even better news? Some channels (come on OneHD, Channel 3, and 7) have even started providing English subs!!! Woohoo! They're smaller companies like GMM TV and GTH subbing their series Ugly Duckling series and Hormones the Final Season, and it's really great to see them providing subs for their international fans.

- The R.E.S. Campaign started around February 2015 I think? It was a campaign by Christy Chan to gauge the interests of lakorn fans in starting a site for English subbed lakorns. In December 2015, Keyhui opened, the first site dedicated to providing viewers with English subbed lakorns.

- Lastly, I wanted to talk about actor, Por Thrisadee. Por is in the hospital still since early November due to various complications from the dengue virus including bleeding in the lungs. He's such a great actor, starred in many lakorns, most of you have probably seen in him one or another like Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang MaRak Leh Sanaeh Laung, Taddao Bussaya, Tard Rak, and more. He seems like a wonderful person, and I hope he makes a full recovery to good health! You can read more about his condition by googling his name or here and here.

Lakorn Trends 2015 

- Series. Series. Series. More series. I've talked about it before, but in 2015, we saw the Mafia series, Prissana series and the Ugly Duckling series. In 2016, there will be The Cupids series, the Fire series and probably more. There's been series before, but not so many at the same time.

- More kdramas turned into lakorns and more on their way. Again, I've talked about this as well here. I don't necessarily think it's a bad idea, if done right and apparently the recent Kiss Me (remake of It Started With a Kiss - see here for more info) did well enough to pave the way for My Girl and Goong remakes. The male lead in the Goong series is apparently the 2nd lead in Kiss Me.

I think one of the best things about these lakorns are that they're catching non lakorn fans' attention and getting them to watch lakorns.

- And about remakes, well there were soo many remakes this year it would take some time to name them all, so I won't. That's a continuing, never-ending cycle in lakornland apparently. More new and fresh material please!

- Hot 2015 couples - Sean and Esther were the "it" couple following Leh Ratree, and will be starring together again in Ngao Asoke remake. Ananda and Kim from Suer got everyone talking about their chemistry.  Mario and Mint (Song Hua Jai Nee Puer Tur ~Two Spirits' Love) also got people talking. They look good together. Who else? James Ma and Matt from Ka Badin, Kim and Boy surprised people in Nang Rai Tee Ruk. (links go to MVs).

Push Puttichai
- Speaking of Sean, he has been getting a lot of lakorn offers, but I think Push Puttichai takes the lead in offers. At least, he seems to be everywhere! From Roy Leh Sanae Rai 2015, to Perfect Match and more, he's definitely hot news now.

Poolook Fonthip
- In terms of breakout female stars, hmmm. Esther Supreeleela got a huge boost from being a popular couple in Leh Ratree with Sean. But Poolook Fonthip also got people talking as she starred in the Peuan Paeng with Weir.

Regardless. these are some of the names and trends I expect to see continue into 2016. Let me know what you think! Anything I should add or delete? Feel free to chime in!

Sourcesasianfuse wikiasianfuse forum  MVs credited to original makers. Thank you all!
Disclaimer: Please note this is all from perspective of a non Thai, non Thailand speaking person and therefore these are only my views based on what I've read and observed. I could and probably am wrong about some or most of this. 



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