Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is this blog about?


Lakorns can be funny, slap n kiss (these come with a warning), horror, historical and period dramas, and family sagas, but they almost always include a romance or more in the story.

On this blog, you have available for download many different lakorns that have been subbed to choose from. his is a blog that has English subbed lakorns on it. Tv shows (dramas) from Thailand are called lakor

2.    Can you sub (insert lakorn name)?/ Can we have the softsubs (srt files) for this lakorn (insert lakorn name)?

NO!!! WE HAVE NOT SUBBED any of the lakorns listed on the blog. We're just Thai lakorn lovers ourselves, we don't even know how to speak Thai. Sorry.

Sorry, we don't even have the softsubs for most of the lakorns because they weren't released. 
What we do is we simply take the hardsubbed links and put them together for most of the lakorns.

A couple of the lakorns were from softsubs provided by the original subber(s), but we do not have permission to give those out to anyone else. Instead, ask the subber directly whose subs you want. Some may give it to you, some may not, and some may not even answer you.

3.  How do I download from this blog?

1. Go to lakorn you want to download and click on 'download here.'
Sometimes, the links will be available on the blog already and you just click on them. An example of this:
(scrolled down to Download Here)

Download Here
Ep 1:
Ep 2: http://

This is just an example. Copy and paste web address to download file.


Double click on "download here" and it'll take you to a page where there are links. 

Scroll down to this:                       Download Here

Click on Download Here. It will take you to a page with links on it. 

2. The link will take you to a page with download links. Download or view the links.
3. Copy and paste links to your browser address bar, one at a time.
4. Each filesharer is different, but look for 'download' button.

Some file sharers have a checked box, they want you to download their software. Simply uncheck box, then download.

5. If link doesn't work, read the error message.
6. Try link again or check out alternate links. Do this a couple of times, at different times. Sometimes files are down temporarily.
7. Finally, read the faq and if that still doesn't help, leave a message on the site.
8. The message should include what file share you tried to download from, like uptobox, MEGA, depositfile, hipfile, etc. Also write down the error message and the browser you're using (firefox, google chrome, internet explorer, etc.). OR if you think the file is down/deleted, just say that.
9. We will try to get back to you in a timely fashion. Thank you.

4.  I can't play this file on my computer .

Most of the links have been tried and tested and should work on your computer. You may not be using the right video player, (KMPlayer or Potplayer, VLC player are all good), or the right codecs.

We aren't computer experts, so I suggest you google the problem you're having. 

For files with split parts that end in .001, .002,  you will need HJSplit or FFSJ to join the files with numbered extensions. Download all the files for each episode before joining

5.  Is there somewhere I can buy DVDs with English subs?

Unfortunately, no. The only reason why this site exists is because there are no ways of obtaining lakorns with English subs. If there were, we would urge you to buy from them.

6.  Why can't I download part _____? or Are the links down? Or I get this message "The public traffic of the owner is exhausted" when downloading from rapidshare.

Sometimes, it's just a matter of waiting a bit and then trying it again. Servers can go down momentarily. If you've waited and tried it a couple of times, see if you can download a different part, or try to download at a different time of day. 

Once you've done that and it still didn't work, drop us a comment and we'll look into it.

 If the message "The public traffic of the owner is exhausted" comes up when downloading from rapidshare, the links are still good, but no one can download anymore for THAT DAY, you just need to wait and try again the next day.

7.  What is the password? Is the password correct?

Most of the files don't have passwords now. The old password is "" so just copy and paste it.

Some older uploads may have a password.

8.  "Where are the links? I only see part of the links. 

Most of the links have been transferred to a single text file listing the links. Download the file to your computer and then use copy/paste to download the links. 

Occasionally, as links are replaced, the old file and links might become obsolete, so you might need to redownload it to ensure the links are up to date.

9.  How can I become a team member of Jasmin's Lakorns? 

At the moment, we really don't need anymore team members. We only need people who would be willing to reupload some lakorns when links go down. If they have a Mega, 4shared, mediashare, filefactory, 1fichier site, that would be great. 

10. Recommendations for lakorns?
Our team members made several recommendations, depending on their personal taste. Here's what 3 members recommended:

Nesma - my top lakorns: Sawan Biang, Jam Leuy Rak, Pin Anong, Taddao Bussaya, Game Rai Game Ruk, Likit Kammathep, Roy Marn, Lhong Ngao Jun, Badarn Jai, Wong Wian Hui Jai

Ryuana - I didn't watch lots of lakorns but my favorites are:  

Game Rai Game Ruk
Bow see Chompoo (it's good to see a strong woman), 
Raeng Pradtanah (so cute together, it worked well even if Pit is so slow...), 
Panyachon Kon Krua 2012 (I laughed so hard), 
Sawan Biang 
and Likit Kammathep.

Jamie - Rahut Rissaya - awesome mix of comedy and pathos in a marriage of revenge. This one will bring you to tears - of laughter and sadness.

365 Days of Love - our heroine may seem unlikable, but I loved to see her growth in this lakorn, one of the more realistic portrayals of life AFTER marriage.
Sawan Biang - this is a violent, sadistic slap n kiss at its worst (BE WARNED!), but it's also one of the best acted lakorns, with great music and plot. 
Taddao Bussaya - Cute girl disguised as a boy lakorn. Loved that she actually seems like a boy, and had legit reasons for doing it. 
Mia Taeng - a guilty pleasure really, but I loved the couple's chemistry in this arranged marriage drama. And heroine's smarts and calmness made up for hero's stupidity.
Roy Marn - The story is about more than just one relationship, one marriage, but about the tragic intertwined history of a family as well.
Roy Leh Sanae Rai - this made me a fan of Tik, sooo hot, as he plays an utter cad charming Aom and the audience
Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang - ultra spirited nang-ek clashes with bullheaded pra-ek, the chemistry is off the charts. Gets annoying in later episodes, but still...
Oum Ruk - accidental pregnancy means marriage.  Fun, sweet, a classic.  
Manee Yard Fah - beautiful love story between a princess and a solider.

11. Do you sub all the lakorns on your blog?

No, we don't. We have asked permission for all lakorns that we put on this blog though from the original subbers. We also provide links to other subbers' lakorns they've subbed.

12. Do you have any streaming links for your subbed videos?

 We do have one dailymotion account here for a few lakorns, but that's it. 
13.  How can I contact you? Send an e-mail to: 

Want to help? Help us reupload a lakorn. See 'Our Progress' on front page for list of lakorns that need reuploading. (We are trying to get 2-3 alternate links for each file).
revised January 2016

If you're interested in helping us, drop a line at the email address below. Thanks!
Helping Out: Upload one or more lakorns to a download site such as 4sharedembedupload, exoshare, mega, filefactory or 1fichier.

Step 1: Choose a lakorn from the Needs reuploading list and leave your name and site you're uploading to here in the comments. Upload to a download site listed above. (first come, first served)
Step 2: Send an email with the links to


  1. I only have Leh Ratree that I can upload on rapidshare (as that seems to have the highest downloading and hopefully uploading speed.)

    Name: M_Anonymous
    Uploading site: rapidshare

    If I have anymore I can help uploading, I will but I don't have any from the re-uploading ones listed above

  2. I have Liem Petch Karat (polkadotsubbers)
    but it's different quality video

    1. Carina, if you could upload that it, it would be great. Thank you!

  3. i have several of these, but im at a loss as to upload them

    1. Shanakold, please email if you need more help on reuploading them. Thanks!

  4. First, THANK YOU so much for uploading these!!! I recently became a huge fan of kob and num from watching Duang Jai Patiharn. They are outstanding and just soooo CUTE!!! I was wondering if you guys can upload Dao Prasook? I've been hearing that it is a great lakorn. If not, it's ok too, but do you happen to know where I can find an English sub of Dao Pra sook or any kob and num lakorn? Anything will be helpful. THANKS!!!!

  5. por favor telenovelas thai (Ruk Pad Pun Kao) & Roi Ruk Roi Adeet ( love lock) 2008 srt espa;ol pronto

  6. Is there another site I can watch Paap Ataan eng sub besides Kudalakorns. Virus attack alert keeps popping I do hv norton

  7. hay guys, I am very new to Thai Lakorns, I really appreciate your hard work with subbing. The problem I have my files will not open after I down load. Password is posted for media files but what is the user name. I have a macbook air, what program do I need to download in order to see the videos I am really confused, it says it is downloaded in RAR archive format but when I downloader the archiver it would not open the file.. please help.

    1. Hmm, I'm not familiar with Mac. None of the files are in rar form, so I don't see how you can download them like that. Some sites will try to get you to download their software, but not sure what you're talking about.

      Let me know what lakorn you're trying to download in particular and I'll try to walk you through the process.

  8. Hi, I wonder if you could group together those lakorns having gay theme? Thank you. ^^

    1. I don't know that there are many lakorns with a gay theme. In fact, I've only heard about one, Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter. Lots of lakorns do have gay characters, but they're side characters mostly.

    2. Oh, okay. Aside from Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter, can you recommend other lakorns having gay romance, although in a supporting story? Thank you. :-D

    3. I don't know of any from what I've watched. Ask Kudalakorn, she might know.

  9. Why don't you upload to d-addicts or asiatorrents? it would probably be safer than some of these other sharing sites and easier for more people to access.
    Either way, I appreciate the effort you all put in. Thank you :)

    1. Most of the lakorns here, unlike alwaysmeena site, is on the low quality side, so outside of being non torrent savvy, it makes more sense to have this type of download. But it is a good idea.

  10. Hi Jasmin
    I am just wondering why some current lakorns are subbed faster
    than others, for example, current aired Mafia Luerd Mungkorn
    (Singh) are subbed much faster than Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawad.

  11. Hi Jasmin
    I am just wondering why some current lakorns are subbed faster
    than others, for example, current aired Mafia Luerd Mungkorn
    (Singh) are subbed much faster than Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawad.

    1. Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawad has only one person working on it, so be sure to thank them. Singh is shorter and has a group of people working on it.

  12. Thanks Jasmine for your prompt reply.
    Fans of Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawad including me have expressed
    endless appreciation to Kun Ninjakkn for her time & hardwork
    at Weir & Min Sanctuary. Understood that Kun Ninjakkn is
    working alone and need longer time but for crazy fans like
    me more interested in the dialogue, it's so hard to wait patiently
    especially when the subbed episodes & the raw ones
    are rather far apart. Drama ending come this Monday.
    Is it possible to humbly request this group of people to help.
    Just wishing hopefully.
    Thank you for this QA Session.

  13. por favor no palabras englis si me gusta espaƱol help

  14. I'm lost, where or to whom exactly can I request a lakorn? I'm looking for a certain club the series episode. Or do you guys know anyone who subs these kind of lakorn? Thanks.

    1. I mean Club Friday The Series...

    2. As far as I know, only these subs for Club Friday the Series. And we don't really take subbing requests, except sometimes we have polls, etc.

  15. Hello. I've been searching and searching and can't seem to find any subs for the Lakota Khat Chueak which is a shame since it looks really good but seems so underrated. If anyone happens to have them could you please send them to me. As any Lakorn lover would know, once you've set your mind onto something it's hard to give up.
    Thank you in advance.

  16. hi. Can someone teach me on how to apply the softsub into the video. I can't seem to watch the video with the softsub.

  17. Hi, I cannot download the episodes 10 to 20 of Rak nee hai jai rao jong. All the fichier and nakaka links doesn't works :(

  18. Hi, I downloaded the links to buang ruk gamathep. I was able to watch ep 2 but the link to ep 3 is not working. Pls help. Thank you for doing this.

  19. Where can I watch Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart eng subbed since it's no longer on keyhui and can't find it elsewhere? Specifically from ep10