Episode 3 of 365 Days of Love comes with two welcome new developments. First of all, Toon gets a new rival, Weet, which is great since up until now, the jealousy has all been on Lan's side. Way too lopsided. It's not really unexpected though, as most lakorns have more than rival for the main girl. We also get a little more background info on Lan and her family, thus getting a better idea of why she acts the way she does.

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Chatwin or Win (Da's hubby) is back to partying at a club. The owner of the club, Sia, gives him free hotel vouchers to his wife Racha's hotel, hoping to ruin her business. Okaayyyy. Anyway, Lan's mom is suspicious and and decides to test her son-in-laws by inviting them to a meal. Lan correctly guesses that her mom's out for blood, and asks Toon to pretend there are no problems between them. Toon's like, what problem and says he can't pretend like a pra-ek in a lakorn. At the dinner, the behavior of the two son in laws is in stark contrast, with Toon putting Lan's well being before his own and being solicitous towards her. On the other hand, Da's husband, Win, issues orders, ignores Da, and shows his lack of concern about her.

Lan's mom makes up some very hot and spicy sauce as a further test. After eating it, Toon passes his water to his wife, she trying to hand it back, while Win snatches his wife's water and orders her to fetch some more. Mother-in-law stops Da, saying Win can have her water. She splashes him in the face and they exchange words, as Da tries to stop them, Win's blaming his mother-in-law for always looking and finding faults, Mom criticizing him for ordering his wife around. Win tells her no wonder her hubby had a mistress, and at this point, Lan starts throwing words, than things at him.
Win storms out, with Da begging him not to go. Lan flashes back to a similar scene, of watching her mom as her hubby, Lan and Da's father, leaves, with her and Da crying on the stairs. It feels like it's happening all over again. Toon comforts her, tries to tell her not to become too involved with her sister's problems, but Lan's having none of that, saying if someone slaps her sister, he slaps her and she has to defend her sister if her sister wouldn't defend herself. She walks off.

Later, Toon gets a call from Nid (the new worker at his office), who's bored and alone on her birthday. She invites him to an imaginary party (she only invited him), but he refuses. Lan's mom has seen him talking to someone and informs Lan about it. Lan interrogates her husband about the call, but Toon doesn't want to answer, telling her he's not like her brother-in-law. Lan goes quiet at that, and seeing that, Toon grabs her hand and tells her who called and why. Good job man.

Racha goes to Toon and tells him she'll be a witness for his case. (She overheard her hubby talking about a case that Toon's involved in.) He asks her why, she says freedom. He'll help her get a divorce. Lan's not around making a fuss about Racha because she and Thy get a job to do at a hotel, so they go there, not realizing Racha's behind it. After waiting at the hotel for the client for three hours, Lan and Thy leave. Lan wonders why Racha's being so quiet, finding it suspicious, but Thy (pic above) tries to talk sense into her, telling her to instead focus on finding things she and hubby can do together. Lan thinks about it and decides, an exchange diary. Toon comes home to find wifey with another plan for lovey dovey closeness, an exchange diary. He doesn't want to do it, but gives in.

Lan's friend Thy is greeted by Weet, her cousin, who makes himself at home. Flashback to the three of them, including Lan, at school together, with Lan singing as he played guitar and graduating together. There's a hint of trouble ahead as he seems to have liked Lan in school.

Lan tries to question her husband none too subtly since she heard him on the phone with a "client" and figures it may have been Racha, but he goes off to work, without the exchange diary he's supposed to write in. So Lan goes to her work as well, learns from Thy that the job they had before is still on, and they're to go to the hotel as the owner has apologized and they need the money. Racha calls Toon to meet her, but refuses to meet at his office.

Toon meets Racha and wants to get right down to business, the sooner he starts, the sooner he can leave, but Racha procrastinates, putting on makeup, drinking wine and having a meal as Toon tries to get info. She's more interested in talking about his wife, whom Toon defends as being patient and not jealous. 

Lan, meanwhile, has seen Win, her sister Da's hubby, come to Racha's hotel with another woman (courtesy of the free room voucher's Racha's hubby Sia has been passing out) and of course, goes at him with her handbag. She's beating into him and chasing him as he tries to run for it, finally throwing a shoe after him and car keys, only to be stopped by Weet. Thy had stomach problems and sent Weet with her samples to where Lan is waiting. Weet gets her some sandals of his, since Win took them as he ran off and explains why he's there. Lan's thoughts on Weet? Annoying as ever, but more manly. Haha.

Toon's had enough with Racha's delaying tactics and prepares to leave, so Racha tells him she wants him as her divorce consultant and more. Toon cuts her off, making it plain it's all business to him. Nid's followed him from the office to their meeting and laughs at Racha as Toon leaves.
      ~ End of Episode 3 ~
Other storylines, characters:
What else happened? Racha visits Ting, Toon's sister, to learn more about Lan, her job and the marriage, with Ting putting the blame on Lan for Toon's turning down Racha's case. Ting goes to Toon, telling him he should confess all to Lan about his knowing Racha, but he doesn't agree.
Toon and his sister Ting
There is also an attempt to paint Nid as a sympathetic character here and there are more scenes between Nid and Nawat or Wat, Toon's helper at the law firm. It's not all that interesting, being mostly setup for what will happen later, but here goes.

Nid's at home, waiting for Dad to arrive for her birthday. His trip's been postponed according to a maid, so Nid's bored and unhappy, a poor little rich girl whose father doesn't even pay attention to. Like that gives her an excuse to go after someone else's husband? I don't think so. Then at a birthday party at the office for Nid, she saves a piece for Toon, but he tells her he doesn't like sweets and to give it to Wat, who accepts it wholeheartedly. She and Wat have words about her obvious liking of Toon.

Also, at the office Nid researches about Racha and confides in Jul, the secretary, that she doesn't trust Racha, which Jul wholeheartedly agrees with. Nid starts spying whenever Racha comes to the office, determined to save Toon from Racha.

That's pretty much it. Overall, I don't think this lakorn needs Nid at all, but in the upcoming episodes she plays an important role in increasing Lan's insecurity and distrust in Toon.

Thanks to anonymousblue2001 for subs this recap is based on. 



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