Title: Jam Luey Gamathep (จำเลยกามเทพ)
Also known as: Cupid Defendant
Duration: 14 Episodes
Genre: Romance/ Drama/Comedy/Romance
Broadcast network: Channel 3

This lakorn is inspired by Jam Loey Rak and Tang Parn Kammathep.
Nate-Upsorn or Nim is a famous actress and always is pairing up with Thorani or Kapom, a famous actor. Everyone wants to see them as a couple in real life and Nate-Upsorn also want it to be like that too.
Anyway, Thorani has girlfriend named Chanetti or Pak-kard. He doesn’t know what to do when Nate-Upsorn keeps bothering his love and threatening him that she will destroy his wedding with his girlfriend.
So, he decides to ask Marnmet or Mek, his younger brother, who just came back from USA, to disguise himself as a kidnapper and kidnap Nate-Upsorn to somewhere else for a while until after their wedding finish. Though Mek is not willing to do it, he has to help his brother. He disguises himself as Harit in Jam Loey Rak kidnapping Nate-Upsorn to the private island and acting to be mean to her like in TV lakorn.
However, it’s not that easy because Nate-Upsorn is not a tearful and pathetic girl, so they always argue and fight with each other all the time.
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Subtitles: English HardSub 
File Size: 300-700 MB
File Type: mp4
Credits: Thanks to StarsSubbing and Mayafantasy for their hard work subbing first episodes up to 3.4 and thanks to Nikki for her hard work subbing the rest of the lakorn! Special thanks to kitkat for videos, Shuk, and rest of JL Subbing team (Mariesse, Adenike, ES6840. Tika, Jazmin, Jasmin,Titilope, Ersadfor editing, segmenting and encoding this video. 
Joiner, Encoder, Uploader: me

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Many thanks to the fans who made this project possible. I am sorry it took so long to get this out to you. But I had problems with a computer dying on me, and software not working right on my new computer. Later on, I was busy with my job.  1/01/2018😉



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